Injury/Trauma-Related Assessments

Exposure to trauma, in some form or another, is extremely common. While it can often go unnoticed, untreated trauma-related symptoms can greatly compound over time, evolving into life-changing issues such as depression, substance abuse, anger management issues, anxiety, and more. Trauma-related assessments seek to identify the root cause, ideally before they have a chance to spiral out of control. With injury and trauma-related assessments, sooner is always better.

Our injury/trauma-related assessment includes clinical (diagnostic) testing, personality testing, and can include vocational testing through our computer program analysis if desired.

Injury/Trauma-related assessment can assist the following:

  • Motor Vehicle Accident Victims
  • Head Injured Victims
  • Slip and Fall Victims
  • Veterans
  • PTSD (Trauma Victims)
  • Personal Injury Victims/Personal Injury Lawyers
  • Immigrants
  • Abuse Victims

Assessments are particularly important immediately following major negative life events, such as involvement in a motor vehicle accident, being the victim of an assault or other crime, witnessing a particularly disturbing event, or having had to undergo an exceptionally difficult ordeal.

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If you experience trauma, seek the assistance you need today.