If you had enough money that you didn’t need to work, what would be your ‘perfect’ day? Maybe it starts with breakfast in bed? Then you could hop on the internet to check your investments; followed by getting ready for a leisurely lunch with your BFF; then perhaps indulge in a favourite pastime with your partner in the afternoon, like going for a sail, or a drive in one of your classic cars. Dinner at a fine restaurant is never a bad idea, and maybe heading out for a bit of night life afterwards just to top it all off.

Even if the perfect day you imagine is entirely different to that one, what would happen if you had that perfect day every day. Seven days a week, 52 weeks a year, every year for the rest of your life?

Of course, you might have a variety of ‘perfect’ days, but the point is, even if each day was what you consider to be perfect, there’s the potential that eventually they won’t be so different. They could quickly become your normal day.

Reaching your financial goals, those that might let you live those perfect days, might not be the best way to improve your life overall.

And if you’re considering life coaching to help improve your life, it may not do so if its main focus is career and financial success.

A Life Coach Can Help You Find More Answers … or Even Discover the Questions

Most people have many different goals. You may want to be a better partner, or climb the corporate ladder faster, or be more active in the community. But where do you begin? Which goal is most important? Will reaching your goals make the difference in your life that you want?

It can all be a little confusing and difficult to sort out. You might need to take a step back, reassess your goals and get some more perspective.

Even if you have a clear idea of your goals, you’re well on your way to achieving them and the changes in your life are making a positive difference, you may be able to make it all happen more effectively, or without all of the compromises and/or sacrifices you may have made.

There is often one big hurdle between you and discovering what you really want, setting the right goals to achieve it, properly prioritizing them, and reaching them. You try to do it all from a very subjective point of view, the one that you get from within yourself.

Very often, an objective viewpoint, one free of the internal psychological and emotional factors that can cloud and even misguide your decision making, is all that’s needed to help you find the right path and stay on it.

Just like your personal trainer, your school guidance counsellor or the mentor who helped you start your career, a life coach gets to know you and your objectives, and applies his or her training, research and life experiences to help you choose goals, plan to reach them and stay focused on the big picture even as other factors get in the way.

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Bruce R. Cook